Administration makes Helmet mandatory for pillion riders

Port Blair, May 08: Analysis of road accident data of fatal accidents reveals that majority of fatal accidents involves two wheelers and along with the main rider, pillion riders are one of the most vulnerable victims. One of the main reasons behind such high fatality rate among the pillion rider is non-wearing of prescribed helmets. Though provisions were laid down in the Motor Vehicle Act and Rules, these are required to be enforced strictly for the safety of citizen.
As per Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and Rule 114 of ANIMVR, 2006 and in compliance to the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court, it is mandatory for every person driving or riding 2-wheeler to wear a protective headgear (Helmet) including pillion riders, conforming to the Bureau of Indian Standards excepting persons of Sikh community wearing the turban besides other exemption made by the Andaman & Nicobar Administration from time to time and it is to be securely fastened to the head of the wearer by means of straps or other fastening device provided on the headgear. A & N Administration has issued the order in this regard.
Hence, all 2-Wheeler drivers as well as pillion riders are hereby advised to wear protective headgear (Helmet) with immediate to avoid any penal action.

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