Administration sounds caution against obstructive and unauthorized Parking

Port Blair, May 08: It is observed that the vehicle owners/drivers of Transport as well as Non-Transport vehicles are parking their vehicles on road side/Public Places congesting the effective road space/motor way thus causing danger to the motorist as well as other road users. It is also observed that vehicles are parked on the road side and on the road even during day time instead of parking the vehicles on the designated parking slots maintained by PBMC which are lying vacant nearby. The roads, road beams and footpaths are meant exclusively for free flow of vehicular traffic & Pedestrians, thereby capturing of roads, footpaths, pavements & way side amenities by illegal & unauthorized parking of vehicles is strict violation of Section 126 & 127 of the MV Act 1988 which will be treated as obstructive/un-authorized Parking.
The vehicle owners in Port Blair Municipal area are hereby advised not to park their vehicles on roads or on the roadside. The vehicle owners/drivers are advised to refrain from parking of vehicles on roads of Port Blair Municipal area. The vehicle owners are hereby informed that any vehicle found parked in an unauthorized manner on a public place will warrant action under section 201 of the MV Act.1988 and penalty would be levied as per the Rules. This may be treated as last and final warning to all violators
A Joint enforcement drive shall be conducted by officials of Police, Transport & PBMC during day as well night against obstructive and unauthorized Parking and penal action will be taken against the violators.

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