ANIIDCO to take up Typhoid and Hepatitis –B vaccination of all sanitary workers of PBMC

Port Blair, Apr 09: ANIIDCO is committed to its social responsibilities to make positive impact on the Society. As the only Corporation of the Islands, ANIIDCO carries greater responsibility and has greater opportunities to make a positive change in people’s life. A truly successful company is one that finds a way to return some of its rewards to the communities in which it operates and functions.

Acknowledging services of about 1800 Sanitary Workers of PBMC and the risk involve while carrying out sanitary duties, the ANIIDCO has decided to take up their vaccination against Typhoid and Hepatitis –B as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. Accordingly the total cost of Rs. 30, 52,200/- will be borne by the ANIIDCO and the same amount has already been provided to PBMC. The process of vaccination will be undertaken through the Directorate of Health Services.

Last week the ANIIDCO has also provided an amount of Rs, 12 Lakhs to PBMC to fund the prize money for its popular Plastic Prize Scheme during whole of the year.

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