CGWWA in collaboration with NGO “CLEAN CITY” performed cleaning of well under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan


Port Blair, Nov 12: In continuationof efforts to ensure a clean environment and further supplementing efforts of Swachh Bharat ‘Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association’ (CGWWA) and around 60 volunteers of Indian Coast Guard from different units at Port Blairin collaboration with local NGO ‘Clean City’ conducted ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ at AIR road Port Blair. There is a neglected well which is more than 150 yrs old. This well was source of clean portable water in the older times. However due to the unabated urbanisation the well became redundant and it was left to decay. The CGWWA took up the task to restore this well. There was thick vegetation all around the well and it was filled with plastic bottles. CGWWA under the stewardship of MrsJayanthi Suresh and Clean City NGO Chairman MrsAnuradhaLall cleaned inside and surrounding areas of the wellwith their strenuous efforts. The stagnant water was pumped out and all the garbage and inorganic material was removed. After all the hard work the was resorted to its pristine glory. The team was also ably supported by the local councilor and PBM staff. A communiqué received from PRO Coast Guard. “VayamRaksham – We Protect”.

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