Massive Combing Operation Underway in Little Andaman for Mayanmarese Poachers

Port Blair, June 15: The Andaman and Nicobar Police team and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) unit are conducting massive combing operation in remote Jungles of Little Andaman Island, to trace out nearly 10 Myanmarese poachers, who are hiding inside.

According to Police Sources, few days back a few dinghies were seized from the area and on suspicion a team of Police and IRBn combed the forest and arrested three poachers.

However according to police still it is believed that nearly 10 poachers are hiding inside the forest for which additional men of IRBn have been sent for combing operation.

North Andaman Islands are very close to Myanmar and often taking advantage of this, poachers sneak inside North Andaman Islands to extract timber and collect sea cucumbers, illegally.

However, presence of foreign poachers so deep inside Andaman Group of Islands (In Little Andaman area) raises several questions over surveillance as well as invader detection capability of Andaman and Nicobar Command and Andaman and Nicobar Coast Guard region, especially when Chinese forces believed to have built a listening Centre as well as an airfield in Myanmar’s Coco Island, which is very close to North Andaman Islands.

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