The 55th National Maritime Day is being celebrated in these Islands alongwith the entire nation on 5th April 2018. On this occasion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and good wishes to the entire Marine fraternity and acknowledge their irreplaceable role in shaping and development of our pristine Islands.

I learn that the theme for this year’s celebration will be “Indian Shipping – An ocean of Opportunity” and we have to strive to create awareness about the boundless opportunities that Indian maritime industry offers both in Sea and Land. The Government of India has introduced noticeable reforms in ship building, ship repairs and its allied services which have undoubtedly made the Maritime sector an ocean of opportunity.

On this occasion, I also re-affirm my confidence in our Navy, Coast Guard and other Maritime Services who selflessly dedicated themselves to protect and advance our interests in the maritime domain.

(Admiral D K Joshi)
Lieutenant Governor
Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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