Open conversation between Farmers and line department on 7 points strategy fixed by PM for doubling farmer’s income at Bimbliton village


Port Blair, May 05: To mark seven points strategy of Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India for “Doubling the farmers income by 2022”, an open conversation with farmers and line department such as Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Department was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, M.P on 03.05.2018 at Bimbliton village. Apart from the large numbers of farmers, Mr. Raj Govind, Zilla Parishad Member, Smti V Shanti, Pradhan Beodnabad Gram Panchayat and Mr. Vincent R Walter, Pradhan Sippighat Gram Panchayat were also present during the discussion.

Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, M.P highlighted the importance of following strategic points fixed by the Prime Minister of India to achieve the target for doubling the farmers income by 2022.
(1).Per drop more crops. (2).Availability of quality seed & nutrient based on soil health of each field. (3) Water housing/Cold Chain to prevent post harvest crop losses. (4) Production value addition through food processing. (5) Creation of National Farm Market.(6) Introduction of New Insurance Scheme to mitigate risk at affordable cost and( 7) Promotion of ancillary like poultry, beekeeping & fisheries etc.

During discussion, Member of Parliament impressed upon the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture to work with seven strategy points of the Prime Minister to achieve the target for doubling the farmer’s income by 2022. Further on demand of farmers, he suggested the Director Agriculture for installation of cold storage in Bathu Basti and in Junglighat to keep the Agriculture products and others perishable items of farmers. Similarly, the Animal Husbandry department and the fisheries department have been also asked to find out the possibilities for Gokul Mission project and blue revolution project to improve the farmer’s income.

The farmers and the villagers participated in large have taken the part in the discussion and cleared their doubts of various fields of farming/cultivation & ancillary activities with the respective heads of department attended from the Veterinary, Fisheries and Agriculture Department.

In reply to the farmer, Dr N G Poddar, Director of Animal Husbandry informed the farmer about the importance of Gokul Mission. He further informed that the department has tie-up with the Haryana Government to bring the embryo of high breed Cow in the Islands, which gives high income to the farmers by selling Cow milk, cow-dung in the form of fertilizer and urine in the form of medicine for which full fledge laboratory will come up with function shortly in Ferrargunj Tehsil. He also highlighted about the ancillary project like poultry farming, duck farming etc to improve the income.
Mr. Utam Kumar Sarkar, Director of fisheries informed the farmers that the department has taken initiative for giving training to the fishermen communities at mainland to learn the modern technology of fish catching, fish farming etc. It is further, informed that the department has tie-up with the West Bengal Government to import the high breed fish seeds for its supply amongst the interested farmers. He further, discussed in details about the fresh fish farming to improve their income.

Mr. R Y Singh, Assistant Director Agri(SA) highlighted about the importance and benefit of Soil Health Card, use of Organic fertilizer / vermicompost, Direct Benefit Transfer and Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna.

In regard to the implementation of Organic farming, MP through the power point presentation expressed that after declaration of 100 % organic of Neil Island, the agriculture product has been totally collapsed. The farmers of Neil Island now importing vegetables from mainland and Port Blair for Public and themselves. So, he suggested for implementation of organic farming gradually in phase manner instead of 100 % organic farming in single attempt. He further, suggested for giving awareness through the pamphlet / booklet in Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu and English. He also suggested to issue the Soil Health Card in bi-lingual instead of English alone.

The villagers and the farmer participated the discussion have expressed their gratitude to Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister for advocating seven point strategy for doubling the farmers income by 2022. The participants have also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, MP Andaman for arranging open conversation (Choupal) in farmer house, as it is first time in the history of Andaman.

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