PBMC urges Commercial and other establishments to segregate dry waste

Port Blair, Feb 20: In order to achieve 100 % waste processing, PBMC rolled out door to door collection of segregated wastes in all 24 wards and further transported to temporary segregation centres across the city for segregation into different fragments which significantly reduced the number of trips performed by Sanitary Vehicles for transportation of Municipal Solid Waste to dry resource centres at Brookshabad and resulting to closure of dumping ground. PBMC has also decided to transform garbage point into  green space gradually in order to maintain city’s environment clean, green and healthy.

Since PBMC has successfully stopped smoke at the Brookshabad landfill site and therefore vigorously promoting source segregation across the markets, households and commercial places.

In view of above PBMC requests all Commercial and other establishments to segregate their dry/recyclable waste, and hand over to PBMC staffs. No bulk wet waste will be collected by PBMC after 02 months from any establishment since it is the sole responsibility of the concerned establishments to process their generated wet/organic waste through composting, biogas etc.

It is pertinent to mention that for the last one month 389 Nos. violators were fined amounting to Rs. 1,86,500 /-

In this connection, all the households and establishments are requested to cooperate with PBMC to achieve the target of 100 % waste processing and making the city spic and span.


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