Ram Katha Programme attracting large number of devotees


Port Blair, Dec 06: The seven day Ram Katha Programme being attended by large number of Sanatan Devotees, had discourse about greatness of Shri Ram Charit Manas and of the greatest poetic epic written by Goswamy Tulsidas Maharaj.

The fourth day of the seven days long Ram Katha Program was marked with celebration of marriage ceremony of Lord Ram and Devi Sita. The world renowned orator Sadhvi Pragya Bharti narrated Ayodhya Kaand wherein the importance of family values and morality of relationships were explained. Sadhwiji beautifully explained the sayings of Shri Ram Charit Manas in story.

Earlier, the world renowned orator Sadhvi Pragya Bharti explained the importance of Ramayan in a very simple way for common people and made the devotees understand the meaning of seven chapters of Shri Ram Charit Manas as part of Lord Shri Ram.

The Bhajans and Singings of Sadhvi Pragya Bharti enthralled the devotees in a magical way and the bliss of spirituality could be felt in the disciplined crowd.

On the third day Sadhvi Pragya Bharti started the Balyakhaand, the first chapter devoted to birth of Lord Shri Rama.

Sadhvi Pragya Bharti will be explaining the next chapter on Ayodyakhaand, Aranya Khaand in following days.

All Sanatan Devotees are requested to attend this historic programme to understand the simplicity of Shri Ram Charit Manas and its value to make life more meaningful and blissful.

The Ram Katha will continue for another three days till 9th December and valedictory function will be on 10th December which will be addressed by Dr Subramanian Swamy MP (RS).

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