Removal of encroachments from Municipal Markets

Port Blair, Nov 12: It is largely observed that in and around Municipal Markets, the public area meant for circulation have been encroached by way permanent/semi-permanent structures/illegal extensions. The public area is meant for use by pedestrian and for traffic circulation which cannot be allowed to be blocked. These encroachments not only create hindrance in circulation but also affect the evacuation plan and movement of emergency services like Fire, Police and Medical Ambulance etc and most importantly during any natural disaster.

A public notice was issued on 15.11.2016 to vacate the illegal occupancy within 07 days but it has not yielded desired results. Thereafter the PBMC, during January/February 2017, removed encroachments from some of the Municipal Markets. However it has been observed that some of the encroachments have come-up again. Public Notices were issued again on 08.02.201, 7.08.2017 and on 26.10.2017 advising all concerned to remove all the illegal extensions and encroachment from the Municipal Markets immediately failing which following actions, as applicable, will be taken without any further notice. Summarily removal of the encroachment at their risk and cost with seizure of the items under Regulation 150 and 151 of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Municipal Regulation),1994, Filing FIR with the Police for encroachment on the public land, Recovery of Damage Charges for illegal occupancy of public land and cost of demolition, Levy of fine for violation of Term & conditions of allotment, Cancellation of allotment and sealing of the allotted Shop(s),

On 09.11.2017, illegal extensions by proving huge tin shed on the public area were removed at Mohanpura Area. On 11.11.2017, the Secretary PBMC alongwith PBMC officials visited many of the areas and advised the concerned persons there to remove the specific illegal extensions/ encroachments by Monday i.e. 13.11.2017 failing which these will be removed on their risk and costs. Apart from demolition of the encroachments, the PBMC will impose damage charges, cost of removal of encroachments and may also register cases with the Police in addition to proceedings to cancel the allotments.

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