Special camp on UIDAI photography for AADHAAR held at Mannarghat

Port Blair, Nov 05: A special camp of UIDAI photography for AADHAAR Enrolment of children in the age group of 0-6 years was set-up at the Office of the Gram Panchayat Mannarghat on 03/10/2017 in the collaboration with Director of Social Welfare, A & N Administration.
Most of the left out cases of AADHAAR Enrolment under jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat Mannarghat was covered during the day. More than 60 enrolments have been performed.
The Pradhan Gram Panchayat, Mannarghat Mr. O. Bashir expressed his heartfelt gratitude for conducting the camp for the benefit of villagers of Mannarghat Gram Panchayat Jurisdiction.

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