Vice Chairman of ORO demands IOC to deliver LPG Cylinders on time without delay

Port Blair, Feb 09: Mr R Karunanithi, Vice Chairman, Our Rights Organisation, Andaman & Nicobar Islands has demanded the Manager, Indian Oil Corporation to deliver the LPG Cylinders to the consumers timely without any delay.

In a letter addressed to the Manager, IOC, Mr R Karunanithi stated that he is receiving number of complaints on frequent basis from the islanders about the Irregular and Delay in delivery of LPG cylinders.

“In a small island where the population is just few lakhs, its hard to believe that why the IOC is unable to handle distribution system,” Mr Karunannithi stated in his letter.

He further stated that the LPG cylinder is also not being disbursed on to the door. “Delay and untimely issue of LPG cylinders create mass gathering of people around the LPG cylinder truck and at in this situation the people take cylinders at their own cost by hiring auto/taxi,” Mr Karunanithi said.

He added that just due to this kind of service the Andaman Nicobar Police has to deploy police personnel to control the crowd.

Mr Karunanithi further also questioned the Manager IOC that when door delivery charge is included in the cost of cylinder, then why LPG cylinder not being disbursed on to the door and urged him to look after this important subject related to the LPG Cylinder issue.

Problems faced by the consumers for booking the LPG Cylinder, Supply of Lesser gross weight LPG cylinders and delay in releasing the subsidy to the consumers where few other points that which were highlighted by the Vice Chairman, ORO, Mr R Karunanithi.

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