Why some succeed and others don’t

Part 1 – Career Choice


Dr. Kavita R Shanmughan

Our life can be divided into three phases – Playful, working, and Spiritual. Our identity, our achievements, and our contributions gives meaning to our life which we cover during our working phase. Everyone determines their goal whether it is achieving materialistic comfort, exploring one’s talent, attaining spiritual bliss or sitting idle and passing time.  Such goals an individual determines and changes time to time depending on their emotions, attitudes and the situation.

Thus goals are very important for all of us, without it no action can take place. Similarly Career goal is one among the most important in an individual’s life and many people remains perplexed about their career goals till the end. In my interactions with youths and their parents, I often hear them stating that they are clueless about the career if their children are average or below average student or may be pushed to follow the career path as suggested by someone or peer-group.  An intelligent student may have sets his goals as becoming a doctor or an engineer. A career is not just becoming an engineer, a doctor, an astronaut, a teacher, and so on so forth. Perhaps, it also includes the satisfaction that one may have from the job role taken by him. What the individual forget in this context is whether the individual can give the best in the career that he/she has chosen and whether it will give him satisfaction through-out his working phase in life. Right profession based on individual’s innate personality traits can reduce the stress, boredom and keep motivating him to surpass personality traits. Hence the right career choice becomes an inevitable goal for everyone.

Further with the opportunities for skill development through various government’s schemes and private business owners are so huge that in the market the talent pool are easily available.  Every individual is competing to make his talent overpower the other, which in fact helps the recruiters to employ right selection tests and select the best candidate for their organization.  Most of the organization test for KSAs, fitment to the organization culture and the personality aspects that are considered to be the important aspect to be successful in any job role.

Today the major problem of Andaman’s youths is their involvement in unproductive task without realizing that most of it will not facilitate in their development, which at times make them attracted towards substance abuse. It’s unfortunate that they do not seem to value the realistic picture either of their personality, social stature and financial status.  As a psychologist and experienced mentor, I feel, youths of Andaman are in dire need of guidance on their career options as many of them are unaware of career choices that are available to them in today’s time. For many, their choices are left onto their fate and governmental positions. Such occurrences give rise to a question as to what can be done.

A teacher plays a vital role in shaping the career orientation among the students, giving guidance and laying the foundation for youths’ career. A teacher with passion not only teach the subject but also familiarize the students with the environmental requirement, the skills required to be successful and most important developing and creating interest in the students on the subject chosen.  A good teacher will motivate the students with the kind of opportunities available based on the subject chosen, prepare them with the required skillsets, and build in them the confidence for a good career.

Andaman and Nicobar Island has lot of opportunities where the youths can test their potentials and contribute to the development of the islands.  For this the teachers may need to take the accountability for assisting the students to identify their resources and various career options that are available. Teachers may not restrict their role only to teaching and making the students participate in extracurricular activities only.  Further, they must motivate the students to test their thoughts to reality and offer insights on their potentials which in turn become their career goals.  They may require to create platforms through which the student can build confidence, hone their skill sets, and develop personality traits that are very much required for the career he/ she aspires for. Sessions on career based Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes can be conducted on periodic basis with pre-defined expected outcomes with identified career options.

Along with the teachers, the student themselves and the parents has a great role in facilitating the career choice.  The role of students and parents will be covered in the articles that will follow.

The columnist is a Psychologist with a rich working experience with people, personalities, and organizations in different countries across Asian continent and her writings are intended for people development only. The readers can direct their feedbacks or suggest area of concerns, which is psychological in nature, to Dr. Kavita R Shanmughan at kavita.shanmughan@gmail.com or may reach her @ +91 9531856481.

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