Free Linking of SIM Card with AADHAR becomes paid in Andaman

Diglipur, Aug 09: To push the Aadhar or Unique Identity card, the
government has made it mandatory to link an Indian citizen’s mobile
number to their Aadhar number. Supreme Court of India has also
directed all telecom service providers to re-verify its all existing
mobile connections latest by 06-02-2018.

As per the rules this is a free service which have to provide  by the
BSNL vendors to the public. But the public complaints that the vendors
were  charging for the same, which is ranging to Rs 15-50/-. When
public complained to the BSNL officials they replied that it is a free
service as the BSNL is paying Rs 5- for this service to the vendors.

Unlike BSNL Bhawan at Port Blair, the BSNL offices in N & M Andaman
are not verifying this process.

The BSNL vendors are giving excuse that the Aadhar thumb scanner costs
about Rs 4000/- and adding to that there is an additional cost of
internet. They say that due to slow internet it is also a time
consuming process and hence they charge money.

The administration should open counters at Government offices for
making this KYC for Aadhar linking to the SIMs.

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