KVK celebrates Swachhta; clean nearby beaches at Nimbudera


Nimbudera, Oct 01: KVK, Nimbudera, N & M Andaman on 01st Oct celebrated “Swachhta of nearby Tourist Spots” along with Pradhan, Sarpanch, and other members of Gram Panchayat Sivapuram.
On the eve the officials of KVK and Members of Gram panchayat cleaned the Morice dera beach under Sivapuram Gram Panchayat, and imparted Knowledge to tourist on swachta hi seva and motivated them to involve in this mission of the Prime Minister, Govt. of India. On the occasion, Shri Lorentus Bara, Pradhan, Shivapuram asked the people to maintain cleanliness at Public places as unhygienic conditions are an open invitation to various diseases. Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Sr. Scientist & Head (I/c), KVK, invited all the tourist to clean the beach along with staff, KVK, members of Sivapuram Gram Panchayat.

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