Certification Programme of State Level Master Resource Persons by RD/Panchayat Deptt Nomination to be submitted by Dec 10

Port Blair, Nov 28: The Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj in collaboration with NIRDPR, Hyderabad will be conducting a Certification (Orientation & Assessment) Programme of State Level Master Resource Persons from Jan 14th to 17, 2020 with the objective to create a pool of certified resource persons in the field of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj. The pool of Certified Resource Persons (CRPs) may in partnership with Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department jointly design and implement need-based and cost-effective training. The procedure for certification will include 4 days of ToT (2days orientation on thematic are of certification programme and 2 days assessment) for 50 identified Master Resource Persons (MRPs). The following Officers shall be eligible to become Certified Resource Persons (CRPs) – Present Elected Representative, Ex- Elected Representative, Official of PRI, Academicians, NGO functionaries working in RD and PR sector, Govt. functionary of line departments, retired govt. servants, others who have proven track record in CB Activities.


The quality of local governance is directly related to the performance of grass root level Panchayat functionaries and Elected Representatives. Therefore in order to develop the capacity of local leadership, you can be a change agent, by becoming NIRD & PR Certified Resource Persons. The interested candidates are requested to submit their nomination to the Director (RD/Panchayat) on or before Dec 10, 2019 by email to [email protected].

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