Free Siddha, Varma, Physiotherapy, LM Neurotherapy, Yoga & Naturopathy Camp

Port Blair, Aug 01: SAAHSWT, IYAOAN, Vasumathy Yoga Clinic & Arul Healthcare Chennai, jointly organizing 50th & 51th  Free Siddha,Varma, LM Neurotherapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy & Naturopathy Camp   on 2.8.19 at  Disability Center-SAKSHAM, Brooksabad from 10.00AM to 1.00PM and on 4.8.19 at Vasumahy Yoga Clinic, Dairy Farm Junction, Port Blair, from 10.00AM to 1.00PM through the experts of Siddha, Varma & Physiotherapist arrived from Chennai.

The registration of specially challenged children’s( CP,MR,AUTISM etc.) and other different  ailment like Diabetics and its complication, B.P, cholesterol, Cervical & lumbar Spondylitis, Rheumatic Arthritis, all joint pains, Kidney & Gall Bladder Stones Paralysis, Stress, Depression, management of Cancer & Kidney Failure, all skin, Liver, Neurological, Menstrual & Heart disease etc., are available at Vasumathy Yoga Clinic, Lamba Line, Near Co-operative Bank, Dairy Farm Junction, Port Blair,Cell:9933220212,9474234252.


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