Live Phone Public Hearing System by Lt Governor being introduced at Raj Niwas

Port Blair, June 06: The procedure for Public Hearings by the Lt Governor is being refined on account of frequent representations from Islanders residing in outer Islands/hinterland finding it difficult to appear before the Lt Governor in person during Public Hearing Sessions held at Raj Niwas, Port Blair.


Residents suffering from ailments, old age citizens, elderly women, etc. have also been requesting regularly that they find a personal appearance inconvenient as also those with employment related problems of personal attendance on the day of Public Hearing.


With a view to overcome these inconveniences and to facilitate this process a Live Phone Public Hearing System by the Lt Governor is being introduced so as to simplify grievance redressal of the Islanders.


Polycom Receiver/ Voice logger and associated hardware to conduct this process has already been installed in Hon’ble Lt Governor’s Secretariat. This system will enable residents to represent/communicate their grievances directly to Hon’ble Lt Governor without having to appear in person, on a specified date/time.


The representations/ grievances mentioning verifiable contact number and address of the petitioner along with copy of valid identity card and any supporting documents may be submitted at LG’s Secretariat Raj Niwas, as hithertofore, for the Live Phone Public Hearing. These can be done at any time convenient to the applicant through:

  1. Delivery by hand/ courier to Raj Niwas Gate (receipt will be provided), or
  2. On email ID: [email protected], or
  3. Fax No: 03192-230372, or
  4. By post/ couriers.


On specified date and time, the petitioners whose representations have been received will be contacted by LG’s Secretariat on the telephone numbers provided in their representations and connected to the Lt. Governor directly for communication of their grievances. All such calls will be recorded for processing the subject matter of the grievance with the concerned departments and its final resolution, which will be communicated to the petitioners.


Specific cases necessitating a hearing in person will continue to be dealt, as hithertofore.


The first such Live Phone Public Hearing will be held on 11-06-2019 from 1100 hrs to 1230 hrs. All requests received till 1800 hrs on 10-06-2019 will be processed during this session. All conversations will be recorded.

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