THE MOTOR VEHICLES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2019 (Notification issued on August, 2019

It is informed to the general public that the Govt. of India has passed ‘The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019. The following sections are amended and fines are increased substantially which are as follows:

General 100 500 (min.)
Rules of road regulation violation New 500
Travel without ticket (sub-sec. 3(b) of sec. 178) 200 500
Disobedience of order of authorities 500 2000
Unauthorised use of vehicles without license 500 5000
Driving without license  (by minors) 500 5000
Over speeding 400 1000-2000 for LMV

2000-4000 for MV/HMV

Dangerous driving

a.      Red light jumping

b.      Violating stop line

c.       Using mobile phone

d.      Driving against traffic flow

e.      Unlawful overtaking

f.        Incompetent and careless driving








1000- 5000
Drunken driving 2000 10,000
Speeding/ racing 500 5000
Vehicles without permit 2000-5000 10,000
Overloading 2000+1000 per extra tonne 20,000 and 2000 per tonne
Overloading of passengers 100 200 per extra passenger
Seat belt 100 1000
Overloading of two wheelers and safety measures 100 for triple riding 1000 + DL Suspension for 3 months
Protective headgear (above 4 years) 100 1000 + DL Suspension for 3 months
Not providing way for emergency vehicles New 10,000
Use of horn and silence zone 100 1000
Driving without insurance 1000 2000
Offences by juveniles New Guardian/ Owner shall be deemed guilty. 25,000 fine with 3 year imprisonment. Registration of vehicle cancelled for 12 months.
Suspension of DL and seizure of documents New Highlighted Above

In this regard, general public is advised to comply with the traffic rules and regulations to avoid heavy penalties or impounding of vehicles and driving licenses. Traffic rules save lives and money.

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