Coast Guard Conducts Community Interaction at Bamboo Flat

Port Blair, Nov 17: A Community Interaction Programme was conducted by Indian Coast Guard. Pollution Response Team (Andaman and Nicobar) and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (Port Blair) at bamboo flat on         15 Nov 19. A total of 55-60 people comprising of local fishermen representatives from fisheries and marine police department were present during the event. The gathering was apprised about Search and Rescue set up in India, especially in Port Blair and explained various precautionary measures to be followed while venturing out for fishing. The fisher-folks were enlightened on effective usage of SAR toll free number 1554. Theoretical briefing followed by practical demonstration of Safety Equipment was also carried out. The fishermen were also briefed about carrying of life saving gears such as life jackets, buoys etc.

During the interactive CIP the local fishermen were requested to co-operate with Coast Guard & PMF during verification of documents at sea. Fishermen were also advised to be in possession of proper Identity cards and display Indian flag for positive identification by security forces. They were also made aware of their role in Coastal Security and were urged to report any suspicious activities happening around in their areas. They were assured that prompt action would be initiated on receipt of any vital information.

The inquisitiveness prevailing amongst the fishermen to understand the sea safety standard was overwhelming and has taken community interaction programme into community integration.

At the end of the CIP, the fishermen extended their commitment for extending all assistance as necessary for strengthening of Coastal Security mechanism. Such CIP not only enlightened the fishermen community for exercising all life safety condition prior proceeding to sea and also improve ICG for establishing better and strong bonding between fishermen community and ICG.

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