Linking withdrawal of RAP with Andaman’s incident is not appropriate: NSTC

Sheekha Bureau
Port Blair, Dec 04: Commenting on the matter of reported killing of American Tourist, John Allen Chau at North Sentinel Island by the Sentinelese Tribes, Mr. Nand Kumar Sai, Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes today said that linking withdrawal of Restrict Area Permit with such big incident is not appropriate.
Replying to a question raised by media persons the Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes said today the Commission met the Lt. Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Commission was informed that with RAP removal, some relaxations were given to foreign tourists only on the process of issuing RAP at Port Blair airport for which they had to wait for more than one hour.
“We were informed that other than this, there is no relaxation on any other restrictions for Foreign Tourists. That is why I feel that it is inappropriate to say that this incident has happened because of RAP removal. I think there is a need for Administration and all residents of these Islands to remain more vigilant against such incidents,” he said.
Mr. Nand Kumar Sai said that looking at various reports in National and International Media regarding death of John Allen Chau, he has urged the Administration to conduct inquiry in all possible directions.
He also said that the Commission has discussed about the matter of not allowing any outsider in the area of Primitive Tribes and maintaining Tribal area as strictly restricted zone.
“There is a need to ensure safety and security of primitive tribes and also to ensure such incidents never happens in Tribal areas. Local population must also be involved in this task of keeping tribal people safe,” the Chairman said.

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