What is it like for an Indian to live abroad?

What is it like for an Indian to live abroad?

Embracing New Beginnings: The Initial Adventure

While most envision their life abroad as a colorful postcard filled with fantastic experiences, it's actually a complex canvas curated from various shades of life. So, what's it like for an Indian like me, living abroad? Imagine stepping onto an amusement ride. You're thrilled, but there's a tiny ball of nervousness curled up right in your stomach - that's exactly how it feels for an Indian to live abroad. This is a journey that starts with the thrill of new experiences. But soon, this excitement will collide with the challenges of cultural adaptations. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds. After all, it's traveling the unknown paths, that truly shape you into a global citizen.

It's a rainbow-like life, brushed with vibrant cultures, flavorful cuisines, the crackling sound of new languages, and beaming faces that soon become your comfort zone. There's uncertainty, yes. But there's also immense joy in exploring new roads, in attempting to use your broken French to ask for directions, in tasting your first ever sushi. This sensation of experiencing different cultures is an enriching process like none other, a delightful mix of daunting and beautiful.

From Spicy Curry to Sushi: A Flavourful Transition

Now here comes the fun part - the Cuisine! As an Indian, you grow up collecting a palette that appreciates the warmth of spices, the tang of tamarind, and the sweetness of jaggery. Our delicious Indian food, with its aroma enchanted in every home across the length and breadth of the country is something we cherish dearly. Hence, adapting to different global cuisines like sushi in Japan, pasta in Italy, couscous in Morocco might sound challenging initially.

But remember, food does more than just satisfy hunger. It familiarizes you with the essence of their culture, the style of their living, and yes, their measure of spiciness. In fact, the real fun began for me when I started recreating the taste of Indian spices in different global cuisines. It's a playful journey of compromising with the unfamiliar taste initially, just to find yourself falling in love with it someday.

Cultural Parade: Unfolding the Treasure Trove

Our Indian roots strongly bind us with a spectrum of colorful cultures, varied traditions, and profound festivals. This deep-seated cultural influence makes adapting to a new culture relatively challenging yet fun. For me, the thrill lies within understanding the unique social norms, picking up their local slang, or partaking in their festivals. It's like unwrapping a gift box filled with exciting surprises.

Interestingly, you also start noticing the common thread of humankind that gradually makes you more accepting, more compassionate. Experiencing numerous cultures is like reading a book where every chapter opens up a whole new world. Call me a cultural junkie, but this roller-coaster ride of cultural exploration is what keeps me on my toes, eager to continue my journey in the foreign land.

Lost in Translation: The Language Barrier and Beyond

The true essence of a culture often resonates in its language. As an English speaking Indian, stepping into a non-English speaking land might seem like a scene straight from the movie Lost In Translation. It indeed isn’t a cakewalk. However, within each stumbling conversation and misunderstood sentence, lies the essence of a new learning experience.

The beauty of grasping a foreign language is far beyond expressing your hunger or asking for directions. It’s about breaking the barriers, penetrating the core of their society, and resonating with the locals beyond the known boundaries. From being intimidated by their alien-like accent to gradually participating in their local chit-chat, this journey is both amusing and enlightening.

The Emotional Roller Coaster: Homesick yet Homebound

Amidst all the excitement of living abroad, lies the emotional tinge of homesickness. As Indians, we are deeply rooted in our traditions, our family systems. So, it's natural to yearn for mom-cooked food or miss the festive chaos back home. I remember feeling a surge of emotional pang as I watched my family celebrating Diwali via a video call. There's a sense of wanting to hold on, yet the desire to let go and adapt to the new surrounding.

But trust me, that's exactly where the beauty lies. It's about finding a home away from home, in the midst of a bustling foreign city. It's about making local friends, forming a global family, and molding your little nest in the unknown. It’s about stretching the bubble of our comfort zone and making room for the novel and unfamiliar, while keeping our roots intact.

Rolling with Finances: An Underrated Aspect

Lastly, often the not-so-glamorous part of living abroad, but an aspect that can't be brushed aside - Finances. The rant about the high exchange rates, budgeting your living expenses, and often dealing with a higher cost of living can be tricky. After all, it's not just about converting currencies, it's about adapting to an entirely new economic structure.

However, the thrill of this chapter lies not in the financial rigidity, but how it gradually shapes you into a responsible, financially-savvy individual. Whether it's about learning to save, invest, or manage expenses, the process lets you sprout the wings of economic independence. And believe me, that's a feeling worth experiencing!

So there it is, an honest peek into what it is like for an Indian to live abroad. The nervousness, the excitement, the taste of different cuisines, the complexity of understanding a foreign language, the emotional pang of missing home, and the lessons learned along the way - it's all worth the ride. Because what really matters is the journey, not just the destination. And trust me, this is one journey that surely leaves a profound impact, transforming you in ways you never imagined.

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